Self Organizing Learning Environments

I found this video very inspiring, thought provoking and I commend everyone to take the time to watch it. The premise is that perhaps we don’t need schools to educate people. Perhaps all we need is a connection to the Internet. The results can be truly amazing.

Where I originally came across Sugata Mitra was in a Microsoft Surface video. He teams up with another passionate educator, Adam Braun (another inspiring story – Pencils of Promise, that I also commend you to watch), to discuss education needs based on Mitra’s research.

The Work Wonders Project video above demonstrates how Mitra’s concept of Self Organizing Learning Enterprises (SOLE) can work in a normal school. It is really amazing at how engaging it can be for the students and how well it works.

Technology and the web obviously play a big part in SOLE but for all the bad stuff and commercialization we see with technology, I think this SOLE concept shows real promise not only in schools but anywhere.

In that respect, I think businesses could use SOLE to greatly increase their productivity and employee engagement. I urge you to take a look at these two video and ask yourself whether the SOLE concept could be applied somewhere in you life?

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