Protecting your information with Office 365

I’m beginning to see a major differentiator in the security offerings between what Microsoft provides and what other cloud vendors do.

For an overview, have a look at the latest Garage Series video.

I didn’t know that Office 365 now allows you to do compliance around document finger printing. This basically means you upload a template document and Office 365 will check outbound attachments to see whether they are similar.

If a match occurs then you can use rules to determine what happens. You may for example force that message and attachment to be sent via Office 365 encrypted email.

For more information on this document fingerprinting in Office 365 have a look at:

Protect Your IP Using Document Fiingerprints

and if you want even more nitty gritty detail check out:

Data loss prevention in Exchange just got better

It is really impressive stuff and with Office 365 already configured and enabled.

Imagine what it will be like when document fingerprinting comes to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business (which it will). You’ll be able to probably prevent sensitive information being copied or sent anywhere outside your organization. You’ll be able to control all of this via policies.

If you want security (even better than on premise in many cases) Office 365 I reckon is fast becoming the leader.

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