Adding Project Online to existing tenant

One of the big opportunities with the Microsoft cloud offerings I have always maintained is Project Online. However, a good question was asked as to whether you could roll a purchase of Project Online into say a small business (P) or Mid-sized Business (M) plan?
It is hard to test directly so all I can do is rely on what I can dig up up. I believe the answer is NO. Project Online is a Enterprise (E) product and therefore can only be combined with other Enterprise plans. The reference for this is at:
Office 365 Plan Options
Where it says down the bottom of the page:
The following online services are available on their own, as standalone plans. They can also be added to Enterprise service family plans that don’t already include them
and in the list below you’ll find Project Online.
Thus, you can always purchase Project Online if you have an M or P plan but it will be in a different tenant with different logins.
As I say, this is why E plans are worth the additional cost!

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