Activating Office 365 via Open

Now that Office 365 is available via Open licensing here in Australia I thought I’d do blog that takes you through the process. Thanks to Nigel from AMT for the screen shots. Remember, to obtain Open licensing you generally need to be a reseller who purchases from a software distributor. If you are an end user, you will need to speak with your IT company about obtaining Office 365 under Open licensing. See here for more details about Open licensing.

1. Via your favourite distributor purchase Office 365 under Open Licensing.

2. Once purchased you will receive an email with the details of the Open license.

3. Access the Licensing Service Center at:


and add the Open License you received for Office 365 using the License and Activation number you received in the email.

4. Once you have activated the license you may need to wait 24 hours before you can obtain the license keys, however a more typical wait is only 1 hour.


5. Log back into the Licensing Service Center. Select the Download and Keys option from the menu and locate the new Office 365 license. Record the license key that is shown.

6. Browse to:

where you will see:


Check the I understand option and press the Start button.

7. Enter the license key you obtained from the Licensing Service Center


and press the next button. 

8. Verify the license details are correct.


Ensure that the displayed Office 365 plan matches the license you have purchased via Open Licensing.

If correct, press the done adding product keys button.

9. Now select start step 2 button.


10. Enter the Office 365 tenant details


Complete the form as you would for any normal Office 365 account sign up.


In the Country or region selection there now should be an option for Australia.

11. Select your tenant name and admin password


When you select your tenant name, remember that this will surface with plans including SharePoint Online. For example, the URL of your default private Team Site with SharePoint Online is:

and CANNOT be altered, so choose wisely.

12. Start using Office 365.


You can now use the admin account you just created to login to the Office 365 portal and start adding users and configuring services.

Press the start using Office 365 button to complete the sign up steps.

13. Once you have logged into the Office 365 Administration Portal check that the subscription details match what you expect.


You will find your license details under the license option from the menu on the left hand side of the Office 365 Administration Portal.


You can then click on the subscription name to get more details as shown in the previous screen shot.

14. Add the partner of record information for the new tenant.


Select the add hyperlink under the partner information heading in the bottom right of the screen.


Add the Microsoft partner ID you want associated with this account. If you are a Microsoft reseller doing this on behalf of a customer inserting your own ID will associate this customer with you Microsoft Partner account. Remember, you don’t receive any Partner of Record fees when you sell via Open because the reseller bills the customer directly for the Open licensing. However, if you are a reseller you should still associate your Partner ID with this account so Microsoft has a record.

There you are, all done. Pretty straight forward really.

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