I got the Lumia Black Update

I received notification of an update on my Nokia Lumia Windows Phone yesterday so I pressed the button and commenced the upgrade.

It all went seamlessly across the air and after a few reboots I am now running the Lumia Black update. If you want to know the details about what the Black Update contains then I’d point you here:


Once you have the Black Update you can also get some new Nokia apps for the Windows Phone. One of these is Nokia Beamer.

Start by downloading the Nokia Beamer App from the Windows Store. Then visit:


where you’ll see a QR code like so:


Capture that with the Nokia Beamer App on your phone and then you will see the screen of you Windows Phone in your browser like so:


That’s really cool I reckon and for me really handy as it make doing demos of the Windows much, much easier.

If you have a Windows Phone check to see whether you can get the Black Update. If you can, do it! Then check for the additional cool apps you can now get like Nokia Beamer.

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