Ask us weekly webinar

I am happy to announce that we have scheduled our first Cloud Business BlueprintAsk Us” webinar for Thursday the 6th of February at 12.30pm Sydney Australia time. This is a follow up from the CIAOPS Virtual Meetings that I ran last year. You can register at:
Schedule willing, we plan to offer this webinar on a regular weekly basis, so you’ll be able to use that same URL to register for each weekly event. These may be not the same day every week but certainly we are aiming to run it regularly.
So what’s the “Ask Us” webinar all about? Well, it’s designed to allow you to ask any question you want about the cloud, business or technical it doesn’t matter. I am also happy to take questions in regards to SharePoint as well. There is no set agenda, just turn up at any time during the webinar and ask any question you want and we’ll do our best to answer it. If we can’t answer it during the webinar we’ll aim to get you the answer afterwards. We can also demonstrate anything specific on the screen.
Again, there is no obligation and the webinar is free for anyone to attend. We encourage you to attend to get all those burning cloud questions answered or just attend to see what others are asking.
Of course if you can’t attend this session look out for upcoming webinars at the same URL.
We hope to see you there.

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