Two sound suggestions

Thought I’d share with you two sound ‘suggestions’ I’ve come across recently.

In my never ending search for methods to be more productive I’ve tinkered with different types of background sound to help improve my focus. The best I have found so far is Focus at Will.


There are free and paid options as well a number of different sound tracks you can listen to. At the very least I urge you to give it a try and see if it does help your focus as that is what the tracks have been specifically designed for.


The other thing you may not have seen with Chrome is that when a tab is playing something a little speaker icon appears on that tab as shown above. This is great when you a lot of tabs open and some annoying ad starts making noise. A quick search of the tab headings in Chrome will allow you to locate that quickly and easily so you can deal with.

Love to hear what results you get with Focus at Will, because it has been very effective for me.

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