Cloud Business Blueprint–Register now

I am happy to give you the opportunity to jump on board with a new venture my partners and I are working hard on – Cloud Business Blueprint. At this point I can’t reveal too much only that it will the culmination of many things I have been working on recently, but now all together under a single banner.

The site will provide a range of resources to assist IT Professionals and resellers better manage and take advantage of the opportunities that cloud business affords. It will be more than simply technical information, it is aimed at providing a complete range of resources, information, training and support on a variety of technical and business topics.

I am very excited by this opportunity and as such I invite you to register your interest now at:

There is no obligation when you register, you are just letting us know that you wish to be informed (and take advantage of our start up offer) about what we are bringing to market and some opportunities we believe you will be interested in. Whether you act on these opportunities when they become available is totally up to you.

If you are interested at all I encourage you to sign up and be the first to advantage of what we will be announcing in the very near future.

More information about what we have planned will be revealed very soon, so watch this space.

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