SkyDrive Pro includes anti virus protection

I’m seeing a lot of people out there getting hit with all sorts of viruses coming through file sharing programs because you know what? They simply don’t provide any protection but they are really easy to use.

For example when I upload the eicar antivirus test file to Dropbox look what happens:


Dropbox allows the file to be uploaded and stored. Now, if a user opens this file they run the risk of being infected.


So what happens if you attempt the same thing with Google Apps? Guess what? It also let’s the virus be uploaded and stored.

This highlights how great most file sharing applications are a virus delivery mechanisms now doesn’t it?


However, when we come to Office 365 SkyDrive Pro and SharePoint we receive the above notification telling us that our file is infected and won’t be uploaded! Now that’s protection.

Viruses and malware are so much a part of todays landscape, problem is, so are easy file sharing utilities. Most of these file sharing utilities don’t even do the most basic security checks to ensure the files uploaded are clean. Office 365 is different. It is is protected by Forefront Protection for email, SharePoint and SkyDrive Pro. To my mind that makes it some much better than the alternatives, because it automatically protects users.

If you want to understand the difference between file sharing options and Office 365 then look no further than inbuilt virus and malware protection. When I pay for a file sharing and collaboration solution I want the one with built in security. That is Office 365 and SkyDrive Pro.

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