OneNote app gets much, much better


As much as I love Evernote I love OneNote even more. I use it each and every day. I use it on each and every device I own. Yes, EVERY single one! And today OneNote got even BETTER!

How is that possible? Well the FREE OneNote app for iOS and Android has just been updated and now you can use it open OneNote files just about anywhere.

One of the biggest issues with the previous version on an iPad was that you could only open OneNote files from SkyDrive. That was great but most of my business OneNote files live on a hosted SharePoint site and thus I found the iPad app a bit limiting. To overcome this I used MobileNoter  which sync’ed my OneNote files from a Windows PC to MobileNoter and then to the iPad.

However, the latest version of iPad for iOS now supports accessing OneNote notebooks on just about any SharePoint site as the above screen shot shows. Now I, can open not only my notebooks on SkyDrive but also from my hosted SharePoint site and any Office 365 site!

Don’t under estimate the increased level of functionality this now provides across common non Microsoft mobile platforms (i.e. iOS and Android). Best of all? The OneNote app for both of these platforms is TOTALLY FREE!

So if you aren’t using OneNote today you should be. It is probably already on your Windows PC and now you can access and update your notebooks from any device for free!

Again, well done Microsoft. Who says Microsoft isn’t embracing other mobile platforms? I can’t tell you how pleased I am to see the new features Microsoft have just delivered with the OneNote app.

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