Revenue before expenses

So many people who run businesses I know focus on expenses before revenue. I think that is totally the wrong way of looking at things. Let me give you some reasons why.
Many say they they want to minimize their tax. Great, that should be part of your strategy but it shouldn’t be your major strategy. For example, many business owners elect to keep the money in their business and only draw out the minimum they require as they require. That minimizes their taxable income sure but it comes at a penalty.
By minimizing your personal revenue that way when it comes to taking out a loan for a house, a car or anything the bank is going to look at the minimal income produced and possibly reject the application even though there maybe ‘oodles’ of money in the business.
Hopefully, at some stage you are going to want to draw that wealth out of the company and guess what? It is going to get taxed then. Chances are it will probably be taxed at a high rate. This typically happens when you need the money for an emergency.
To me paying yourself only a minimal income is focusing on expenses rather than driving you to expand the revenue the business generates. The old adage in budgeting is that you should ‘pay yourself first’ and then work out how to manage the rest. For me, it is the same in business. You should always pay yourself a decent rate, pay the tax (because you’ll probably have to pay it anyway at some stage) and focus on growing revenues which is more likely to help your business succeed.
Minimizing expenses is a defensive business strategy that makes you more vulnerable the longer you pursue it because it doesn’t promote growth and tires you out. Also, as any fighter will tell you, you can’t defend forever, sooner or later you get hit. Alternatively, if you focus on revenues before expenses you are improving the strength of your business and making it more resilient. You are also enjoying the fruits of your labour instead of deferring it until some unknown date in the future.
The bottom line is that you should be out there looking for business income rather than staying glued to a screen wondering how to save money. Again, revenue before expenses.

Free 74-324 Exam Voucher offer (AU Only)

I am happy to announce, through the generosity of Microsoft, that I have a limited number of FREE vouchers (valued at over $200) for exam 74-324 Administering Office 365 for SMB. These exam vouchers expire on June 30 so you’ll have to be quick.

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New exam for Office 365 for SMB coming

The current 74-324 Administering Office 365 for SMB will be replaced by a new exam 74-325 Administering Office 365 for SMB in the very near future. This new exam will be based on the latest Office 365 release (Wave 15).

There is a new Jump Start live broadcast covering the new features of O365 & what’s needed to pass the 74-325 (not yet published) exam.  This live event will be a demo-rich training targeted for IT Pros on administration of Office 365. Topic will include migration, deployment, Lync, Exchange and SharePoint.

Course Outline

01 | Overview, Infrastructure & Partner Opportunity
02 | Office 365 User Management
03 | Office 365 Single Sign-On, DirSync & ADFS
04 | Lync Online
05 | SharePoint Online
06 | Exchange Online
07 | Exchange Online Deployment & Migration
08 | Exchange Online Protection, Archiving & Compliance

Here’s the link to signup

CIAOPS Podcast–Episode 53

In this episode I speak with Microsoft CRM Leon Tribe about how a customer relationship system can improve business operations. We also speak about the opportunity CRM can provide resellers. Also, if you want to learn more about what Microsoft is doing in the CRM space I commend this episode to you.
Leon Tribe –
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Office 365 bootcamp notes now available for purchase

Probably the handiest reference I have created when it comes to Office 365 is my bootcamp OneNote notebook. I am basically in there every day updating and adding information I find about Office 365.

Until now, this notebook was only available to my Guide subscribers and those who attended my bootcamps. It is now however available for purchase directly from the CIAOPS publication page.

The single download zip package includes:

– Office 365 bootcamp notes (55MB)

– 5 supporting Office 365 files and checklists

– 4 x PowerPoint 2010 74-324 exam cram slide presentation decks

– OneNote 2007 74-324 exam cram course notes

The Office 365 bootcamp notebook contains over 100 pages of information, links, how to’s and real world troubleshooting tips. You can view the contents here.

I honestly believe that you’d be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive amount of Office 365 information in a single location. If you are working with Office 365 I’d be surprised if the notebook doesn’t save you time while the supporting files and checklists will make any dealings with customers much smoother.

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