Office 365 bootcamp notes now available for purchase

Probably the handiest reference I have created when it comes to Office 365 is my bootcamp OneNote notebook. I am basically in there every day updating and adding information I find about Office 365.

Until now, this notebook was only available to my Guide subscribers and those who attended my bootcamps. It is now however available for purchase directly from the CIAOPS publication page.

The single download zip package includes:

– Office 365 bootcamp notes (55MB)

– 5 supporting Office 365 files and checklists

– 4 x PowerPoint 2010 74-324 exam cram slide presentation decks

– OneNote 2007 74-324 exam cram course notes

The Office 365 bootcamp notebook contains over 100 pages of information, links, how to’s and real world troubleshooting tips. You can view the contents here.

I honestly believe that you’d be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive amount of Office 365 information in a single location. If you are working with Office 365 I’d be surprised if the notebook doesn’t save you time while the supporting files and checklists will make any dealings with customers much smoother.

Don’t forget that if you want access to always update OneNote file you’ll need to subscribe to my Office 365 and SharePoint Guide, which you can do at

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