Best posts from February

I have finally completed the migration of over 1,200 blog posts going back prior to 2007 onto this new platform. During the process I came across a lot of really good posts that are still very interesting and relevant. There are also plenty of interesting posts along with some funny and downright stupid ones. So, what I thought I’d start doing is spend one post a month reviewing a sampling posts from that month back in the history of this blog.
Thus, it being February here we go:
Office 365 Identity options – information about the different ways that identity are handled in Office 365.
No Office Web Apps on SBS 2011 standard – information about how Office Web Apps, which is an addition to SharePoint is not supported on Small Business Server.
SharePoint Foundation BLOB storage – details how Binary Large OBject storage can be used with SharePoint and why in an SMB environment you really shouldn’t use it.
Productivity Part 1 – first of a three part series I wrote as a guest blogger on real productivity.
Installing SQL Server 2008 on Windows Server 2008 R2 – SQL is the basis for SharePoint storage.
Productivity costs – how much poor productivity is costs businesses
Email addiction – interesting information about how many people’s lives are rules by email.
It’s all going to the cloud – Yes, even back then I was saying this!

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