Monday, February 18, 2008

It's all going to the cloud

Think about, why the hell would you spend all this money on high powered workstations, servers, backup, disaster recovery and so and so if you could simply access everything remotely? Isn't it easier if someone else manages all that? That's the idea about the current managed services craze for SMB resellers but I believe that it is quickly moving even beyond this.

Big players like Google are designing the future as being totally online. Need an application? Simply rent it for the time that you need it. Would you pay a few cents a day for an application that is always up to date, available anywhere there is an Internet connection and never needs to be backed up? If you don't then I bet a whole swag of people you know do. Unlike techies, these people are by far the majority of computer users and all they want is an easier way to do their work.

If you don't know about products like Skydrive, Office Live Workspace, Jungle Disk, Google Apps and so on then boy are you behind the times. Even something like hosted Sharepoint can function pretty well as a complete replacement for a file server allowing quick and easy collaboration for any location where there is the Internet (cafes, work, home, PC's Mac's, mobile devices and so on and so on). From where I sit it is only a (short) matter of time before these Internet based applications become main stream. They'll be supported 24 hours a day 7 days a week from help desks all around the work that can remotely access your session and resolve any issues.

It's a brave new world that we face as technology consultants to businesses both big and small. Those that see the light early will flourish and prosper but those that don't will wither and die. Typically change takes longer to happen that you expect but when things change they change in a far greater manner that you ever expected.

As the old song goes, "the times they are a changing" but can YOU hear it?