Project Online with Office 365


One of the common things I see people wanting from products like SharePoint is project management. SharePoint does a great job but a dedicated tool like Microsoft Project does even better. Trouble was to get the most from Project you needed Project Server at the back end, and that was usually too expensive for most non enterprise customers.

However, when I now tell people that Project will be available from the cloud via Office 365 their eyes light up. If you want to have look at the preview visit:

There will be a few different flavours apparently, one that is web based and one that also allows you to download a client app from what I see on first glance. I need to spend some more time understanding exactly what will be offered and when it will be available but if it is in preview now it can’t be far away, surely?

The best thing I reckon is that the interface is all SharePoint based as you can see from the above screen shot. This means it should function just like SharePoint but with more options. There is always room for more SharePoint in my books.

Project Online is yet another huge opportunity for resellers to get involved with. I see so many businesses crying out for Project skills and very few resellers out there who can assist. If that ain’t an opportunity I don’t know what is. I’m very keen myself to become more skilled in Project Online and hopefully with my SharePoint experience it won’t be too much of a stretch. I’ll post more information about what I find as I play with the preview.

Yet more opportunity for everyone with Office 365. I’m EXCITED!

One thought on “Project Online with Office 365

  1. Nice, will be keen for new information as it becomes available. Couldn't help but remember Kevin 'Big Kev' McQuay in your final words.JB.


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