New features for SharePoint Online 2013

Been working through some information from the recent SharePoint Conference about what’s coming done the pipe for SharePoint with the new version of Office 365 due soon. While doing so I found the above slide and some interesting information to note:

1. All versions of SharePoint Online will include the App Catalog and Marketplace.

2. The Small Business (P) plan will now include Form Based Applications. That seems to indicate it will now include some sort of form services (i.e. InfoPath services).

3. E-Discovery and compliance are only going to be available with SharePoint Online Plan 2 (and the E3 and E4 plans).

4. Enterprise search is only going to be available with SharePoint Online Plan 2 (and the E3 and E4 plans).

5. Access Services will be available for P and all E plans. That is a change (even though it is not noted in this slide) as it only used to be available for P, SharePoint Online Plan 2, E3 and E4 plans.

6. All SharePoint plans except Kiosk plans get something called Work Management (which I am not about as yet, but it is new).

The other general thing I will note here is to compare the feature set between SharePoint Foundation 2013 (the traditional Small Business SKU) and the SharePoint Online plans, even the Small Business P plan. The difference is VERY significant and this only further reinforces my opinion that you really shouldn’t be considering SharePoint Foundation 2013 at all.

This is very exciting if all of this is come to fruition Combined with all the other new features I can see more and more businesses moving to SharePoint Online with Office 365 in 2013.

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