Good publicity for Windows Phone

I have always been a fan of Windows Phone and think that with the release of the Nokia hardware it makes a very compelling offering. The other good thing is that Microsoft has found a great angle to publicize the phone.


As I mentioned before they have been touting the ‘Smoked by Windows Phone challenge’. Here’s the latest video:


Now there was some recent controversy around one challenge incident (and there have been others). But that sort of thing is always going to happen when you put yourself out there now isn’t it? I applaud Microsoft for sticking with this campaign as it is certainly novel and gets the word out there that Windows Phone are at least equivalent with most other models available today. This is definitely the thing you need to do when you are coming from behind. Kudos I say as I’d rather see Windows Phone being aggressive in the market rather than taking a beating like it did with Vista.


Another way they are promoting is via events like this:


Personally, I’m not into all this ‘cult of the celebrity, (a.k.a. Kardashian’s et al) but I will readily acknowledge that it does appeal to a huge segment of the market. Similar techniques have been used by other brands to great success so I again applaud Microsoft and perhaps more so Nokia in this case for being out there are doing these sorts of things to lift the profile of the Windows Phone.


Time will tell what the results are but I think it is great to finally start seeing a strong challenge from Microsoft against the incumbents. 

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