Office 365 workshop early bird expires soon

My upcoming Building an Office 365 Practice workshop early bird discount expires very soon. So if you are interested in the 25% discount I’d urge you to waste no time. Here are the details:


Date: Wed 18th of April

Location: North Ryde RSL Club, 33 Magdala Rd North Ryde NSW 2113 + Streaming

Cost = $399 in person $199 streaming

Early bird discount (25%) valid with 18 March 2012 = EARLYBIRD

Registration URL =



If you want to learn about the opportunities around “Cloud” computing, especially with Office 365 then this workshop is for you.


You will learn not only about the Microsoft Office 365 product indepth but also how to re-engineer your business for the “Cloud”. You’ll learn business strategies that will help drive you more business and have opportunities knocking on your door. This workshop will provide a balance between technical and business information. It is aimed at IT resellers those who are either considering offering “Cloud” computing or those who have just commenced the process.

The workshop includes all meals (morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea), parking, Internet access, course notes and more. All attendees will also have access to a recording of the day for later use. The workshop will be given by Microsoft Office 365 MVP Robert Crane who is the Principal of the CIAOPS.


At the end of this workshop you should have the confidence to know the Office 365 product indepth but also a range of business strategies that can be implemented immediately to not only benefit a “Cloud” practice but any business.


Some testimonials from previous events:

“The knowledge I gained at the bootcamp will help me make a more informed decision when I make recommendations to my clients. I recommend this bootcamp to anyone who wants a balanced and fair approach as to the pro’s and con’s of the cloud and the issues it raises for the IT professional.”


“After having spent a day on a Telstra Office365 a couple of months ago I felt it was OK information as it was on this new platform but what Robert has delivered today is REALISTIC and real world experience telling nothing but the truth. There is a big opportunity for all SMB IT providers even with the cloud, Office365 should be seen as an additional service to make money from.”


“This workshop was absolutely brilliant It was real hands on from a reseller perspective rather than a sales perspective I highly recommend Robert Crane for any workshops / bootcamps after having done several other training sessions.”

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