A good business person is always on the look up for opportunities and lately I’ve notice one I believe that I’ll share with you.

I’ve seen a few studies recently that say a large amount of small businesses still don’t have a web site. This article cites study that says a staggering 46% of small businesses don’t have a web site. Impossible I used to think.

However, travelling the roads I can’t help noticing how many vehicles are adorned with email addresses that are provided by Internet Service Provider (ISP) or generic email provider (i.e. joe643@isp.com.au or marys_dog_salon@gmail.com). Amazing, that in this day and age that businesses haven’t registered a domain and used that to point to their ISP or generic email account. Chances are if they haven’t even done that then they probably don’t have a web site.

You would have to think that if you offered them a package to set up their own domain, with email and simple web site, they’d be interested. If they could also use it to say display a calendar, develop, take orders, connect to a smart phone, etc they’d be even more interested.

Typically these businesses would be small and initially have no call for a server. That means that a cloud based solution like Office 365 would be very appealing, simply because it would give them access to enterprise applications for a small monthly fee. Even just providing an external facing web site via SharePoint Online would be highly appealing I would think because it is simply enough that they could make some changes themselves. Importantly, that would allow them to feel in control.

Even more importantly they could start out quite cheaply with an Office 365 Professional and Small Business plan (P Plan) that would give them what they needed for less than $10 a month (even though I think the Enterprise plans are better). That should be well within their budget.

So, I think that creating a ‘start up’ package around Office 365 that includes, domain registration, Office 365 setup and training for a fixed price would be very appealing would it not? All you would then need to do is email the people you see out on the road who don’t yet appear to have their own business domain. The easiest way to remember their email address is probably to use your smart phone to take a picture of their email address. I’d also be confidently say that you’d be well placed when this business grows to pick up additional work, not to mention the referrals on offer if you did a good job.

The moral here probably is to have a look around and challenge your beliefs, because in many cases they are probably not correct, especially when it comes to the average business and technology.

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