Email archiving in Office 365

One of the major benefits of Office 365 Exchange Online is that (with certain plans) you receive an effectively unlimited email archive. In this post I’ll cover how to set it up on the back end and then in the next post what it looks like from the end user side.


Enabling archiving via the office 365 Admin console.


Login to as an office 365 administrator.




Ensure you are on the Admin page. Then select Manage under the Exchange Online heading.




Select the email box you wish to enable archiving for from the list of mailboxes. Then click Details.




You will notice in the list if any users already have archiving enabled (in this case Lewis Collins).


In the window that appears scroll down to the Mailbox Features and expand.




Click on Archive from the list and then select Enable.




You can set whatever name you wish for the archive. Normally it is recommended to leave the default name.


When complete press the Save button.




You will be returned to the list of mailboxes and you should see that user enabled for archiving.


When the client logs into their mailbox either in Outlook or Outlook Web App they will see a new archive folder.


I’ll cover more on the user end experience of Exchange Online Archiving in the next post.

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