Book review–Zero day

Zero Day by Mark Russinovich
My rating:
4 of 5 stars

Certainly a great read, even more appealing if you are into technology. Mark is well known technology expert who has turned his hand to also writing a novel with great effect. Some of the technical aspects and insights in this book come directly from his experience and skill.

The books is easy to read and enjoyable by any audience who enjoys thrillers. I found the first part of the book really engrossing however I felt that this wasn’t quite matched by the the second half. It was at this point that the plot expanded beyond its initial focus to be something that I felt was taking the well trodden path of global terrorism which it possibly did not need to take.

Unfortunately, I felt that widening the story to include these aspects moved the book beyond the realm of reality and little and made it feel cliché. Overall it was still page turner as I became in engrossed with learning the conclusion of the events. Even thought the whole plot is plausible I just felt talking it down the path of the ‘war on terror’ didn’t allow it to stand apart from similar books.

However, that said, I still highly recommend the book as something reader will enjoy. You’ll probably also enjoy it even more if you are into technology as the quality of subject matter shines through here. It makes a great modern day thriller and I reckon a feature movie can’t be far away.
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