Office365 goes live


Yeah! Office365 is finally here and everyone can enjoy the benefits of upgraded versions of Exchange, SharePoint and online communications using Lync. if you missed it, I recently ran a 60 minute Office365 for SMB webinar (mainly focused on the Australian market) that is available for paid download if anyone is interested at:

In the webinar I speak about the fact that I consider Lync and SharePoint to be the two greatest opportunities for the SMB market. Firstly, neither produce really has much exposure to SMB clients. This means there is a whole raft of business issues that can be addressed by these products.

Lync allows SMB businesses to benefit from remote and teleworking, which not only improves productivity but also employee retention as they work more flexible times and reduce unnecessary travel to name but two benefits. SharePoint now allows the ability to create intelligent forms, thereby reducing paper but also allows viewing and editing of Office document via a web browser using Office Web Apps.

There will obviously still be teething problems with Office365 but I would expect to see the service continue to improve at a very fast clip. Now all I’m waiting for is the next version of Windows InTune.

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