Locked SharePoint site



Suppose that you go to your SharePoint site and you no longer see the link to Upload documents to a document library. What the hell? You think. Next you open the ribbon bar, as shown above, and you see that a lot of the buttons are greyed out. All this prevents users from entering information into your site. How can you fix this?


Chances are the site has become ‘locked’. To unlock it, open SharePoint Central Administration and select Application Management from the menu on the left hand side.




Next select Configure quotas and locks from the Site Collection section.




As you will probably see in the Site Lock Information section, the site is set to Read-Only. Change this to Not locked and you site should once again be free for editing and uploading.




Why does it happen? It typically happens after a SharePoint backup failure. Processes like stsadm –o backup lock the site prior to a backup. If that backup fails to complete for some reason the site remains locked and thus read only for users.

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CIAOPS Bootcamp USA bound

With some help from Tim Carney I am bringing my SharePoint bootcamp to the San Francisco Bay area on Tuesday the 14th of June. For AUD$399 you’ll receive a full days hands on SharePoint training and a 12 month subscription to my SharePoint Operations Guide. You can find all the details and how to register at:


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It’s back!

Yes, that’s right, the CIAOPS Podcast has finally returned after a hiatus. I’d like to say that its simply because I’ve not had anyone offering to come on the show but luckily Jason Thomas from Ragg Weir has put up his hand and now Episode 19 is available for download.

In this episode Jason and I look at the pros and cons of the Microsoft Server offerings in the SMB space. Is Small Business Server still good value? Is SBS Essentials viable with the move the cloud? Where does Home Server fit in all this. Follow along as Jason provides us with some great insight into what he is seeing out there in the market.

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