It’s back!

Yes, that’s right, the CIAOPS Podcast has finally returned after a hiatus. I’d like to say that its simply because I’ve not had anyone offering to come on the show but luckily Jason Thomas from Ragg Weir has put up his hand and now Episode 19 is available for download.

In this episode Jason and I look at the pros and cons of the Microsoft Server offerings in the SMB space. Is Small Business Server still good value? Is SBS Essentials viable with the move the cloud? Where does Home Server fit in all this. Follow along as Jason provides us with some great insight into what he is seeing out there in the market.

You can access the podcast directly from:

as well as view all previous episodes at:

where you can not only subscribe via mediums such as iTunes but also leave comments and ratings on each episode.

If you are interested in, or know a business that is, sponsoring the show please contact me directly ( Also if you would like to appear as a guest or would like to hear from someone specifically again contact me ( Finally, if you think the show has provided you with value I’d appreciate any donation you’d care to make. All donations go to helping me improve what is offered (

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