Office365 Ignite training – Day 1

I’ve just completed the first of three full days of Office365 training.

So here’s a few titbits I learnt today during Office365 Ignite training:

1. All Office365 users will get read only access to SharePoint docs via Office Web Apps. If they want to edit then they need the appropriate SKU.

2. Office365 is ‘highly configurable not customizable’. This means there are limits to what can be done on the admin side.

3. If you purchase a license that includes Office Pro Plus on the desktop you can install that on 5 devices. Very generous. Beware, though this is a special SKU more like retail than volume licensing. There are also NO downgrade rights with this version of Office.

4. Dirsync runs every 3 hours by default but can be manually run if needed, however it is a one way sync from local AD to cloud and the application MUST NOT run on a domain controller. It is also still a 32 bit app (64 bit is coming).

I’m looking forward to more technical in depth training tomorrow as today was billed as more of an ‘overview’. After the third day I feel I’ll be very much up to speed with Office365. Best of all we get our own full beta version for testing. I have an SBS 2011 Essentials RC machine here that is just crying out for Office365 integration.

More updates tomorrow. Follow me on Twitter (@directorcia) as I’ll be posting interesting info from the training day there.

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