Good Service

I hear so many resellers complain that moving to cloud services (especially Microsoft BPOS) will mean that they and their customers will receive worse support that they are currently obtaining. That is total and utter bullocks in my opinion and experience as the following demonstrates.




After creating a new partner BPOS account for use in demo’s a while ago, I logged in yesterday to run a Live Meeting and was greeted with the fact that my ‘trial license’ had expired. Damm. Because I’m a registered BPOS reseller I can get access to a 12 month, 250 user license. Obviously, something hadn’t aligned and I was still considered to be on a trial.


I started muttering under my breath that this was going to a real pain to get resolved and would require numerous phone calls, emails, proof of my reseller status, yadda, yadda, yadda. Then I remembered that I could submit a service request directly via the BPOS console. So I dutifully sent one off with all my details and what you see above is the response.


One simple request and had my problem resolved and I’m back in business. Pray tell how this could ever be considered worse service just because it is a cloud application? Hmmm? Honestly, in my experience the support via the BPOS console has been absolutely stella and I have no hesitation recommending to anyone. Well done Microsoft. To all those who think cloud services means worse support I say think again!

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