Migration by the numbers–Step 12

Step 12 in a series of posts documenting the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 upgrade process on SBS 2008. This is based on the document:




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Step 12 – Connect the ShareWebDb content database

Run an administrator privileged command prompt at the server console.



Select Start and type CMD into the Search box. From the list that appears, right mouse click on CMD and select Run as administrator from the menu that appears.


Accept the UAC




Change directory to c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\web server extensions\14\bin.


Type the following command:


stsadm –o addcontentdb –url http://localhost –databasename sharewebdb


(*Authors note – You should now see a percentage complete number displayed, as shown above. This is indication of the database conversion process from WSS v3 to SharePoint Foundation 2010. The duration of this conversion will depend on the hardware as well as the database size).




(*Authors note – when the process is complete you should see a message like shown above indicating Operation completed successfully).

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