Migration by the numbers – Step 9

Step 9 in a series of posts documenting the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 upgrade process on SBS 2008. This is based on the document:




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Step 9 – Detach the Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 database from Windows Internal Database

You will need to have the SQLCMD utility installed on your server before you can complete these steps. This can be downloaded directly for SBS 2008 (x64) via:



(*Authors note. I think it would be better to install the SQL Management Studio Express to complete this step as you need it for the next step anyway and other maintenance in general. Although the SQLCMD utility is handy to have I don’t see it being necessary).



Click Start in the Search box type CMD.


Under Programs right mouse click on CMD and select the option Run as administrator from the menu that appears.




At the command prompt type the following commands all followed by the ENTER key:


sqlcmd -S np:\\.\pipe\MSSQL$MICROSOFT##SSEE\sql\query
use master
alter database ShareWebDb set single_user with rollback immediate
sp_detach_db ‘ShareWebDb’


The WSS v3 content database is now removed from being connected to SQL Embedded Edition 2005. The next step will attach it to the SQL Server 2008 Express.

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