My SMBNation presentation reviews are in

I’d firstly like to thank all the people who took the time to complete the feedback forms after my SMBNation 2010 presentation. I’ll share with you the highlights.






I am extremely happy to see that the majority of the feedback was positive and I readily acknowledge that there was also feedback that wasn’t as positive and will certainly take that on board and endeavour to improve.


There have been plenty of requests for more detailed technical content which is certainly easily done but please remember that this session was only one of a number that I proposed. Also please remember that SMBNation has to select speakers and topics that it believes will appeal to attendees, no simple task. Likewise when a presenter gives a session they are never really sure about the technical skills or experience of attendees. In light of all that I tried to provide a session that was memorable, informative and beneficial to what I believed to be the majority of the audience. A certain amount of guess-work and assumptions play a part.


However, I do welcome all feedback, both positive and negative on what I present and how I present. I appreciate that it isn’t always everyone’s cup of tea and by all means if you don’t like what I’m presenting let know how it can be improved. Don’t be shy.


That said, it certainly appears most are interested in more detailed technical information about SharePoint and with that in mind I’m looking to maybe do a pre-day in conjunction with others next year (if I get the opportunity to attend again mind you). If you’ve got some ideas about what would be worthwhile and how it should be presented please let me know (


Once again to all who took the time to not only attend my session but also to provide me with feedback I say thank you and I owe you a drink!

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