Did ya miss me?

A few weeks ago I took some time off (as I am now committed to doing every year as part of a better work life balance) and typically the technology let me down. A few days out the power supply on my local Hyper-V machine blew and not only brought the machine down but also the UPS it was connected to. Impressive eh? Not much I could do until I returned.


Firstly, the reason that I have a local SharePoint server is that I typically need to test things at the command prompt level and most SharePoint hosting companies don’t allow this. I could host a complete server in a data centre but then it is isn’t quite the same as running a Hyper V server with different operating systems now is it? Bottom line, I maintain a single server mostly for testing purposes but it does provide content live to the web. Thus, no power supply, no blog.


Now that I have returned from my trip and SMB Nation Fall 2010 I can catch up on all those posts I didn’t do when I was away.


Stand by – normal transmission will resume shortly.

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