August Guide Update

I’ve just completed the update of my Windows SharePoint Operations Guide ( for subscribers to download. This month has a number of updates that I think will be valuable to people looking at SharePoint 2010.


Firstly, there is information about migrating your Windows SharePoint v3 (WSS v3) data into SharePoint 2010. This comes on the back of last month’s addition of how to get SharePoint Foundation 2010 running on SBS 2008. If you have large content databases (around the 10GB or more mark) then you may have some real decisions to make as SQL 2008 Express R2 (which is free) only supports databases up to 10GB. It is a real pity that SharePoint 2010 can no longer, by default, take advantage of the SQL Server Embedded Edition which had no database size.


Secondly, there is information about getting Acrobat PDF indexing working with SharePoint Foundation 2010. Another disappointment that this is not supported out of the box and an even bigger disappointment that it is more work to get it running now. Hopefully a better solution will present itself in the future but for now at least subscribers can get it working if they want.


So what’s on the cards for next month with the Guide? At this stage I think I’ll turn my attention to documenting how to get Search Server Express 2010 and Office Web Apps running with SharePoint Foundation 2010. I’ll also be doing some videos on the migration and PDF indexing process as well. Going forward, I’ll be attempting to do videos for all the topics that I cover which will hopefully add more value for subscribers. This way they can watch the video and use the documentation for further reference.


I’m always interested to hear what people would like to see included in my guide so if you have a suggestion, I’m all ears.

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