When SharePoint gets locked

Ok, so today you go in first thing to use SharePoint and you don’t see all the items on the menu bar even when you are correctly logged in to the site. Instead of seeing:




you see:




So you can’t do things like uploading files, checking and checking out, weird eh?


Had exactly the same issue a while back and it turns out that the whole SharePoint site was locked or more simply, put into read only mode. How did that happen? Well, each night an stsadm –o backup task was scheduled to backup the SharePoint site to a data file. Problem was that the backup terminated unexpectedly, which meant that it hadn’t reset the site to read / write after initially make it read only for the backup process. Ah ha, all makes sense now.


More importantly, how do you fix the issue? You go into the SharePoint Central Administration on the SharePoint server and select the Application Management tab.




Select the option Site Collection quotas and locks from the SharePoint Site Management section in the top right.




Make sure you have the right site collection at the top and set the site to Not locked if set to Read-only (as is the case here).


Now when you go back to the SharePoint site and refresh the page everything should be working as normal.


Took me a little while to work what was going when I came across for the very first time but now you can fix it in a manner of seconds and look like a SharePoint whiz.

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