Today I reached 100



No not quite 100 years yet (but that will happen one day soon) I actually reached 100 Facebook friends. Wow! I can’t say that I’d even have thought I’d see the day. Now obviously that number can drop back if some ‘un-friends’ me (which would make me sad) but reaching triple figures made me ponder this whole ‘friends’ thing, briefly at least.


As Seth Godin says in this video:


The Internet has allowed a huge amount of fake networking. Why? Because there’s a scoreboard that clicks over and allows you to compare that to others. Just because Facebook says they’re your friends are they really? And once they are your friends what then?


With almost 500 million Facebook users there is little doubt that anyone, let alone businesses, can afford to ignore the ‘Facebook factor’ but my question is, if you use Facebook for business what do you use it for? What are your trying to achieve with it? If you simply want to accumulate more friends, send me a request an I’ll be your friend but I’d really like to hear what business strategy people have with their Facebook accounts. Drop me an email ( and let me know how you use Facebook to grow your business. Also, please feel free to Facebook friend me via, I need to keep that score ticking along.

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