Cloud and proud

Do you wanna know how long it took me to go from this:



(i.e. Exchange 2007)


to this?



(i.e. Exchange 2010)


A whole 10 seconds! How did I manage that? Simple, I have my Exchange server hosted in the cloud. Someone else worried about the hardware, someone else worried about the software, someone else worried about the migration. In short, SOMEONE ELSE worried about EVERYTHING! All I had to do was a choose a time at which I wanted the change over to occur.


After going through many onsite Exchange migrations over the years I have gotta say that I really don’t miss them and couldn’t be happier that I migrated to Exchange in the cloud over 2 years ago. I truly believe, going forward, that the ease with which such an upgrade was carried out is going to endear itself to more and more technology users as they now simply want just to USE the technology and not have to worry about MAINTAINING it.


During my 2 years so far with my emails in the cloud I have not had one outtage, not one! Sure I’m just one person using one single instance of hosted Exchange but baby let me tell you that not having to worry about all the usual dramas with emails such as viruses, spam, disk space and so on has been a boon for my productivity and my business.


It is exactly for reasons like this that I happily proclaim that I’m cloud and proud.

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