Use Linkedin


I was reading an article called “How Linkedin will fire up your career” and it made me start to think about how much things have changed when it comes to finding work these days.


We all know that it is not what you know, it is who you know right? For many, many years I stupidly ignored this in the mistaken belief that the way to succeed was to keep improving my technical skills. Unfortunately, Google came a along and ruined all this by making information about everything so readily accessible. Now you don’t need years and years of experience you just need to use Google to make you look competent. So with just about everybody competing on the same level these days how do you get ahead?


As much as Facebook has swept to the forefront of social networking there is a site that is older and much more businesses focused. That site is Linkedin. As the article says, if you haven’t got your details up on Linkedin then you are going to miss out on many of the most lucrative jobs because Linkedin is fast becoming the first place people look to connect with people for business. Linkedin has always been about business and allows you to document your business skills and experience. Many businesses are finding that rather than going through the traditional screening process for job applicants they are using the power of Linkedin to seek out suitable candidates.


Another great thing about Linkedin is that you can provide recommendations of people who you have worked with and as you know testimonials speak louder than any qualification. Linkedin also allows you to join business groups that suit you interests as well as have and contribute to discussions. The interface is still a little clunky and it doesn’t doing everything that something like Facebook does but Linkedin is certainly gaining in popularity as a business networking tool.


If you haven’t used Linkedin then I’d recommend you get your profile up there. If you haven’t visited Linkedin for a while I recommend you take a look at what’s changed, bring your information up to date and link in other applications like Twitter and SlideShare. You can also make your profile available publically like mine:


however, you get the most benefit when you join Linkedin and connect up with others there.


So if you are already on Linkedin then by all means feel free to connect with me. I’d also appreciate, if you are so inclined, any Linkedin testimonials and recommendations you can provide me as they all really do help. Think of Linkedin like your living CV that you can not only show a recruiter, customer or colleague but also something that others can use to find you and your skills. You can never have enough paths to your door in business I say. If you don’t believe me then have a read of “How Linkedin will fire up your career” as it may just change your mind.

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