SharePoint 2010 training

Probably the biggest change in SharePoint 2010 is the interface which now includes an Office style ribbon. In many ways it is probably going to be like how the Office ribbon was accepted by users. At first they hated it, mainly because it was different, but then after a while they found that it actually made things easier. Then they loved it.

I reckon it’ll be the same with SharePoint 2010. I think that the new ribbon interface will also improve the acceptance and usage of SharePoint because it is less like a ‘boring web site’ and more like a true ‘web app’ now. I also think that making it more like Office is also a winner. Initially I was sceptical but now the more I see it and more I use it I think that it does really make sense. The main reason is that, as I have always said, SharePoint works best when combined with office.

To get you more familiar with the new SharePoint 2010 interface and how to do the things you used to do in SharePoint v3 Microsoft has an excellent video training course that can be found at:

It is totally online and takes about 60 minutes to complete and if you are planning on using or working with SharePoint 2010 then I highly recommend you take the time and complete training.

If you know of any other good SharePoint 2010 training let me know ( so I can tell people.

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