SharePoint supported systems

I pulled the following table from a post in the SharePoint Team blog.

Looking at the table I note the following:

– SharePoint 2010 is apparently not supported on Windows Server 2008 R2 Foundation, Windows Server 2008 Foundation, Windows Web Server 2008 R2 and Windows Web Server 2008!

I’ve always touted Foundation or Web Server as a great option for a stand alone version of Windows SharePoint in a small business network. That way you can have something that is isolated and more easily upgraded. That concept now appears to be blown out of the window. It means that if you want a stand alone version of SharePoint 2010 Foundation on a network you need to install a full Windows Standard 2008 server or better.

I wonder why that is? Will Windows SharePoint Foundation actually not run on these servers or is it just not licensed to run on these servers? I can certainly test it with Windows Server 2008 Web Edition but given that Windows Foundation Server 2008 is an OEM product it is going to make it difficult.

Whatever the reason according to this you can’t use the low end version of Windows Server to run SharePoint 2010 Foundation in a network. That is a real bummer to say the least.

– SharePoint 2010 is supported on Window Small Business Server 2008. I have tried an upgrade from SharePoint v3 to SharePoint 2010 on Small Business Server 2008 and am yet to have any luck. It maybe supported on the platform (which is just Windows Server Standard 2008 anyway) but will it actually install? Seemingly another good question.

– What about Windows Home Server? I reckon I can guess the answer to this one, again unsupported. Interesting that it doesn’t rate a mention even though the next version of Windows Home Server will be 64 bit and based on Windows Server 2008 Standard (from my understanding).

Based on my previous experience with SharePoint on Windows Home Server, I’ll almost bet that SharePoint 2010 will install but as Microsoft says, it will be unsupported.

I have to admit I am pretty disappointed that SharePoint 2010 Foundation will not be supported on Windows Server Foundation 2008 flavour because my checking found that SharePoint v3 was supported on Windows Server Foundation 2003. What’s changed here so dramatically that SharePoint 2010 Foundation can’t run on Foundation 2008 server? Microsoft have already knobbled SharePoint 2010 Foundation by changing the database from SQL Embedded Edition to SQL Express Edition (which means a 4GB database limit). This is yet another hurdle they are forcing the product to overcome.

This illustrates how much value the current free version of Windows SharePoint v3 is. By default, it doesn’t have a database size limit and will run on Foundation 2003 server. However, what’s going to happen if you eventually can upgrade the Windows SharePoint v3 that is currently on SBS 2008 to Windows SharePoint 2010 Foundation that has a database >4GB? Oh fun and games.

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