The results are in

Today I received the feedback from my presentation at SMB Nation in October 2009 so I thought I’d share it here.






Some other select comments:


– Best presentation I’ve seen so far

– This one presentation was most valuable to this point

– Go Longer- Great Content!

– Best class so far at SMB Nation – Informative

– Robert is a very effective speaker and he has a great command of SharePoint. Even though I sat in on his presentation last year, I still learned a lot more about SharePoint this year.

– Best speaker and best content so far! Fantastic


I gotta say that I’m stoked with the positive feedback. Thanks to everyone who attended and took the time to comment. Feedback really helps me ensure that my presentations are hitting the mark and providing value for those that attend. You are never sure when you are preparing your presentation just how it will be received so it is nice to hear.


There were plenty of suggestions about running some form of workshop on SharePoint next year and I’ll try and propose that when submissions roll around again this year. I’ll have a think about what else I could offer SMB Nation attendees (provided I get the gig of course).


Again, to all those who attended my presentation, took time to provide feedback and to SMB Nation for providing me the opportunity to present many thanks. I hopefully look forward to providing something even better this year.

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