Newsletter 1 released



Well I’ve just sent of my first email newsletter using MailChimp. If you are not a subscriber you can view the newsletter at:


I must say that I am very impressed with what Mailchimp has to offer. So far I have only taken advantage of their free services (which are extensive), but I can potentially see me taking up their paid options. In the past I have used Constant Contact for this sort of thing but Mailchimp seems to offer a whole lot more for less.


Obviously, this is my first attempt at an email newsletter using Mailchimp so there are going to be some rough edges while I work out the full functionality and get the content right. I’m relying on readers to tell me what works and what doesn’t and I’ll adjust from there. I’m really interested to see what people say as I receive a whole swag of email newsletters everyday and most I have to say I delete without even looking at.


I hope to be able to release a newsletter at least once every month and to ensure that it includes plenty of value for readers (as I would like people to read it). So much so that I also hope they’ll pass it onto others who will in turn subscribe. All in all I’m very interested to see how this progresses as a marketing exercise given the number of email newsletters people already receive. However, from what I’ve found Mailchimp seems to give me the best tools to achieve what I’m after.


Wondering how to become a subscriber? To receive the newsletter via email you can subscribe at the bottom of the home page of Alternatively, I will post the links to each newsletter here as I release them. Finally you can also view the archive at:


So please subscribe, have a look and give me your feedback ( as I really want to understand how to create something people actually read!

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