SMB Nation – Day 2

Today started off with my session GS202 – SharePoint – You’ve got it, now what? I am pleased to report that the people I spoke to afterwards reported that they liked what was presented. I would of perhaps liked a little longer to cover all the material effectively but I hopefully managed to fit enough in to give people value for getting up early and coming along.


I have uploaded the presentation to my Slideshare which can accessed directly at:


I also embedded a number of videos into the presentation so I wouldn’t have to depend on the poor Internet connection. I have uploaded these video to my YouTube account, but you can access each individually by clicking on:

Here’s what I attended for the rest of the day:


SM402 – Pure Friggin’ Magic! – Tcat Howser


This session was focused on understanding how to use social media. I went along thinking that I was behind the game when it came to social media but as i turned out I wasn’t, which made me feel good. Many other resellers are struggling to understand how to utilize all the new features of social media. The main suggestion was that posting online videos is one of the most effective methods of lifting your profile. As you can see from the above videos, I’m already doing this, but I can still work to improve this.


BS302 – Are you managed services being commoditized? You bet! – John Killian




I did arrive late for the session after having a meeting with another reseller, so I didn’t catch the whole session. I would say that there were some really good points about what you can do to improve the services you provide to your customers. I like the idea of creating a service roadmap for increasing the value provided to clients and in turn revenue.


SM403 – How to achieve page one rankings in local search and WOW your prospects with killer reviews- Dan Hollings




This session was the pick of the day and gave me many take always that I can implement immediately. I learned some unexpected ways to increase my rankings in search engines. What I also found interesting was that again, this session was only lightly attended. Given the focus on social media I honestly though more people would attend. It seems again that most people here chose to attend the technical sessions but I look on that as their loss. I’ll be very interested to see how much of an impact these techniques will have when implemented fully for my business.


Tomorrow is the last day of SMB Nation and the only session that I HAVE to attend is speed dating where attendees get to ask me questions directly on what I presented. I enjoyed this very much last year and reckon I got more out of it than the other attendees so I am looking forward to this tomorrow.

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