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Unsurprisingly, Google has announced that it will release an operating system targeted at Net Books as the article “Google takes on Windows with Chrome OS” details. That made me ponder the following:


1. Why is Google only taking on Windows? Doesn’t MAC OS or Linux count? I can’t see Google OS only detracting from Windows market share, yet it is interesting in that everything I have read only talks about Google taking on Windows.


2. Microsoft has a pretty large support infra-structure around it, what does Google have? You know that some Google OS Notebooks ARE going to end up in the hands of non-technology literate people. What happens when they need support, where do they turn? How will that experience be? For all it’s faults Microsoft has been doing direct support for years on operating systems is that an advantage or a disadvantage?


3. Competition in the market is good for everyone. Many of Microsoft’s products have been lacking any real innovation when they have no direct competition. Any competition should help all players lift their game.


4. Will the average user trust a Google OS after all these years of Windows? Sure they bitch and complain but in the end they are comfortable with Windows. Does the OS really matter anymore? Do people with netbooks run applications they care about or do they simply want a word processor, spreadsheet and browser?


Only time will tell.

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