When Twitter helps

Ok, so most people believe Twitter is a total waste of time, well here’s an example to the contrary. At the moment Australia’s largest ISP, WebCentral, is having a major outage affecting hosting, emails, databases, etc. Their phone lines are flooded, they have failed to update the issue statues on their web site in a timely manner so where can you turn for information? Twitter of course.

The bets place to start is http://search.twitter.com and type in webcentral to search for. Here’s the current results:

There are a whole swag of postings from people who have been affected so you know that it isn’t just you. I can also see from the results that 36 minutes ago someone actually managed to logon to their email, so maybe the problem’s fixed? In short, you get a better idea of what’s going on from a group of affected users rather than trying to ring Webcentral. Even better you can subscribe to this search in your RSS reader so you can keep tabs on the situation without having to constantly run a search. Now that’s gotta save time!

Whether it is or whether it isn’t I think that the above situation can give you a good example of where Twitter can be used beneficially.

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