SharePoint Usage Analysis

Hands up if you knew that Windows SharePoint includes a basic Usage Report similar in some ways to Google Analytics? Now the tough question – who also knows how to enable it (since it isn’t by default). If you answered No to either question, then this post is for you.


The first step is to check whether Usage Analysis is enabled on your Windows SharePoint site. It isn’t on SBS2008 Companyweb so I’ll use that as my example. Log into the SharePoint as an administrator and select Site Actions in the top right of the screen. You’ll only see Site Actions if you have the appropriate rights.




From the menu that appears select Site Settings.




In Site Settings select Site usage report in the Site Administration section.




If you see a screen like show here chances are the usage analysis has not been enabled. Next step is now to enable it.




Run the SharePoint Central Administration from the server console via Start | Administrative Tools | SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration.




Select the Operations tab, then click Usage analysis processing under the Logging and Reporting section (at the bottom left).




Click to Enable logging and usage analysis processing. You will also need to choose time when usage processing will run. Usage processing can be intensive so select a time of low load on your server. Click OK when complete.




You will not be able to view any logs until the scheduled processing runs. After that you should see something like that shown above when you return to Site Usage Report. Here you can select to view a number reports of you site’s access. This can be extremely handy when you need to get a feel for the usage of your site.


For further information about configuring Windows SharePoint to take advantage of all the product has to offer please visit for information about the Windows SharePoint Operations Guide.

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