Digital footprints

I am utterly amazed at how ignorant most people are of the fact that all their wonderful technology can provide excellent information of exactly who you are and what you are doing at any time.


In this story “Digital dabs: how Einfeld was tracked with a mobile, credit card and e-tag” it shows how the police used digital evidence like that from electronic tolls, mobile phone and credit cards to prove the guilt of Marcus Einfeld. It goes to show that convenience has a price and that price is usually reduced privacy.


In many respects the lust for technology has made the job of tracking individuals much easier than it ever used to be. Stop and think about every email you send, every internet search you do, every login to Facebook, and so on – they’re all trackable. The more you use technology the more ‘digital evidence’ begins to stack up against you. The unfortunate thing about this is that digital evidence is firstly much easier to store and secondly much easier to search.


As I have lamented here before, so many people have no concept of the value of their privacy and are surrendering it without a second thought. We happily proclaim the wonders of technology but we seem to remain oblivious to dangers it also brings. Read the story and then stop and think how much information are you giving away about yourself without even thinking?


We perhaps wrongly believe that technology has given us greater freedom, mobility and convenience and yet the reality may be that it has enslaved us as never before.

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