Does nobody care?

A couple of posts ago I wrote about Facebook follies and the fact that some scammers were using Facebook as way to attract potential victims. Part of this involved a picture of a man standing next to a bright red sports car. In fact it turns out these pictures are taken from someone’s online photo album as detailed in “Facebook scam: Ferrari man’s true identity revealed”.

Now I don’t use Facebook that often but when I logged in recent I saw the following ad:

Now where have I seen that before? (Firstly, I gotta say if you think he’s standing next to a Lamborghini then you deserve everything you get, it’s a Ferrari Enzo). I clicked on the ad and up came the web site:

with a lovely photo of ‘Tom’ and the pitch about how much money I can make if I just sign up now.

It would seem clear by now that this offer is a scam, so why is it still running on Facebook?  As the article says:

“There are numerous reports of people who fell for the scam and were charged hundreds of thousands of dollars after handing over their credit card details.”
So where’s the protection for the Facebook user? It certainly doesn’t appear that there is much. I always used to say that the stock market was the perfect vehicle for transferring wealth from the stupid to the intelligent but now I’m going to have to revise that to being the Internet.

The continuation of these sort of ads again confirm my belief that we are losing the battle against the bad guys. Some may say that what is happening here is not against any law, and that people should always be aware when purchasing ANYTHING from the Internet and I agree. However, the reason that our systems are constantly under threat from viruses and trojans is that most Internet users are totally unaware of how they should be protecting themselves and look at the global problems that has caused. It seems that when it comes to using the Internet, common sense goes right out the window.

Now scams like this are nothing new and they happen on other sites like Ebay and what not but it seems to me that technology is making this easier in so many ways. Every day technology makes it both easier to perpetrate crime and confuse the average user. It amazes me in this so called world of ‘Web 2.0’ interconnectivity that most people are being left to fend for themselves in a pool of sharks. The more connected we think we are the more isolated we become perhaps?

The moral is clearly, every person for themselves and if it seems too good to be true then generally it is.

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