The good

What most people conveniently overlook about the Internet (or any technology in general) for all the good there is also bad. However, here’s an example of where the good makes an impact.


I recently highlight the changes Facebook were planning to their Terms Of Service. It now seems that after a ‘backlash’ those terms have been rolled back as this story highlights. The global Internet is a very powerful thing and as a business you need to realize you can potentially have millions (if not billions in the case of Facebook) examining your every move online. Once the word gets out it moves at the speed of light so there isn’t too  much change of slipping one past all those people these days.


Would I still trust Facebook? No. Would I put all my personal stuff up there? No way. My privacy is worth far more than that I’m sorry. I realise that most people still don’t appreciate that but, hey that’s going to be their problem going forward isn’t it? Why? Because, simply, information wants to be free – once you realise it, chances are it’ll never come back!

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