Further confirmation

It is never a good idea to dwell on the negatives but I’d like to firstly point out the reality here. In December the US lost over 500,000 full times jobs. This brought the job losses in 2008 to the greatest since World War II (almost 2.6 million). To me, there still seems to be an air of ‘it can’t happen here’ in Australia. Well the sorry news is that it is! As the article “Massive drop in full-time jobs” notes:


“The massive decline in full-time employment, down nearly 44,000 it’s a big worry”

The reality is that no matter what business are you in you need to start making changes simply because the environment is changing. Failing to do so may mean you eventually end up failing as well.


As they say,”you can’t control your circumstances only your reaction to them”. That’s why it is important to try and focus on the positive. Every market present opportunities, it is just a matter or recognizing these. In many cases this may mean stepping outside the normal comfort zone, which can sometimes be very hard.


The major secret is that you need to talk with people. Discuss things with your family, friends and your peers. You need to be constantly seeking out people smarter than you and considering their advice. You need to develop goals, short, medium and long if you want to prosper. Most people are happy to help where they can, so take advantage of that to lighten the load. If you put your head in the sand then no-one (including yourself) can help you.


Get out there and starting utilizing and growing your support network.

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