IT will suffer as well

Now I’m no economist but I must admit that I’m pretty sceptical when I hear people claim that the IT industry won’t suffer as much as other industries in this downturn. To further disprove that notion consider the following article from the Australian newspaper, which says in part:


THE IT industry suffered a major decline in job advertisements for 2008 recording a 37.17 per cent fall compared to 2007 figures.


The IT industry was the fifth worst affected market for job advertisements…

The tech industry has performed worse than the general economic situation because these jobs tend to be more caught up with global organisations that are taking financial hits in all global markets..

Like I said I’m no economist but times in tech are going to be tough, if not now then real soon. The first half of 2009 is going to see some major changes in the way businesses operate and will operate in the future. If you are an IT reseller then you need to be making adjustments to your business now. You need to be minimizing expenses, watching your cashflow and looking for alternate sources of income to name just a few.


If you fail to this your chances of running into problems is much greater and you’ll have less room to make adjustments then. Sure you love technology and prefer to ignore the “business-stuff” but guess what? If your business goes bust, then you’ll be on the unemployment lines and if you only have IT skills then I’m sorry to report (as the above says) there is over a 35% drop in IT jobs on offer. Good luck finding work.


So do something NOW to ensure your business survival. We all have to do things we don’t like in life but in the long run it may mean you can continue doing what you love.

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