Merry Christmas

I’d like to wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas and Happy new Year. Stay safe over the holidays and I hope that Santa brings you everything your heart desires.


It has been a topsy-turvey year for many people, myself included, and the future certainly appears bleaker than this time last year. Even in bad times the secret is to keep striving, keep focusing on your goals and importantly keep making the lives of others a joy. If you do then I’m sure you’ll received many more happy returns yourself. Remember, life is journey to be savoured along the way not simply a method of marking time on this earth.


I’m looking forward to Christmas with the family as well as some good reading (I have plenty of books on order from Santa). I’ll still be posting stuff up here but if you want to see what I’m reading or have on my reading list then head over to and link up with my email account ( to get my additions and reviews. Personally, I find so handy in that when I come across I book I want to read I simply add to the list on the site. Highly recommended for those out there who like to read.


To everyone who reads this blog on a regular and semi-regular basis all the best for the festive season and may all your Christmases be merry!

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