Is nothing safe?

Ok, if you haven’t read the news or seen the TV then you should know that you need to patch Internet Explorer urgently. In the meantime the reports indicate that you shouldn’t use Internet Explorer to browse the web.


No problems you say, I’ll use FireFox instead. Ahh, wait on there. Apparently Firefox tops the list of the 12 most vulnerable applications on Windows according to this report.


So no more web browsing until the patch gets applied. Will you are downloading the patch consider this story that a company involved with the new frontrunner’s bid for Australia’s national broadband network has links with the Chinese military.


Man. Why would anyone ever use the Internet? Problem is, they are still going to aren’t they? And many won’t be updating their systems, so it makes the Internet an even more dangerous place even if YOU do the right thing.


It’s a real double edged sword isn’t it? So, please update your systems and get others to update theirs as well because we’re all in this together.

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